LinkedIn Social Selling System

We Help B2B Companies Grow by 

Automating Three Key Areas of Business Growth

Never Run Out of Highly Qualified B2B Leads Again

  • Keep Your Pipeline Filled

    faster than you can (or want to) do on your own 

  • With Highly Qualified Leads

    who are targeted to match your ideal prospects

  • Who Want to Talk with You

    to network & discuss their business and yours

Enjoy Increased Sales by Automating Lead Generation

  • No More Missed Opportunities

    because you didn't have the time...or simply forgot

  • No More Sleepless Nights

    wondering if you followed you always mean to

  • No More Follow up Struggles

    choose EZ-to-use automated software..or 100% Done For You

Fill Your Calendar With Limitless Opportunity

  • Grow Your Business Faster

    with more sales opportunities comes faster growth

  • Close More Sales

    because you have more ideal prospects in your pipeline

  • Earn More Money

    closing more business faster increases your revenue growth

What Our System Does For You...

Generates 100's of Opt-In Leads For You Each Month

  • Automate Sending 1000+ Custom Invitations to Connect

    with highly valuable and targeted leads you select...inviting them to connect and network with you each month*

  • This Generates Hundreds of Views of Your Offer

    by targeted ideal prospects who will see your laser-targeted offer to help solve their problems with your unique solution(s)

  • And Builds You a Valuable Business Asset

    you get a warm marketing list with leads who've opted-in to network and communicate with you now and in the future

Message Your Leads to Get Them to Talk With You

  • Automatically Send Proven Networking Messages

    to hundreds of new leads each month, generating "Hot", "Warm" and "In Discussion" response rates of 15% or more

  • Starting Dozens of Valuable Conversations

    with your ideal prospects, from which you can build a relationship and trust before qualifying your prospects

  • Conversations Lead to Booked Appointments

    by networking with your ideal prospects on LinkedIn via messaging, you can motivate them to book a meeting

Send Followup Emails to Get Your Leads to Talk to You

  • Our Proven Email Campaigns Followup For You

    generating open rates of 40 - 60%...reply rates of up to 10%

  • Starting Dozens of Additional Conversations

    creating even more networking & trust building opportunity

  • Resulting in Even More Booked Appointments

    accelerating your customer, revenue & business growth

Exporting Leads to Your CRM to Will Make Your Life Easier

  • Know More About Prospects Than the Competition

    rich data from LinkedIn plus all your lead's other social profiles, gives you a competitive edge like no other

  • Automatically Keep Lead Data Fresh & Up to Date

    automatically record notes and updates to your conversations with your leads to keep your lead data fresh

  • Use Social Selling Best Practices to Close Sales

    using your rich lead background data, educate and help your new LinkedIn leads to solve their problems and close sales

Our Tireless Assistance Will Help You Succeed

Software + Expert Video Training Will Help You to Successfully Automate Key LinkedIn Lead Generation Tasks

  • Expert Training

    'How to' LinkedIn + software training will give you all the confidence you need to succeed

  • Cloud Software

    Automate the three key lead generation tasks with 'easy-to-use' software

  • Message Templates

    Our proven LinkedIn message templates will help you engage, nurture & network with prospects

  • Robot Planner

    Use the LinkedBot 'Robot Planner' to run all 3 lead generation tasks on autopilot. Just 'Set it & Forget it'

  • View Profiles

    View 1000+ targeted profiles per month to get high quality prospects to contact you

  • Find Emails

    Automatically find emails for 2nd and 3rd degree connections without having to connect

  • Send Invitations

    Invite 1000+ targeted prospects to connect, network and talk with you each month

  • Send Messages

    Automatically send messages to any of your first level connections to set up meetings to talk

  • Email Templates

    Our proven email campaign will help you automate followup and generate even more conversations

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