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Why isn't LinkedBot showing the Professional Edition features after I upgraded?

Why are profiles not being captured by LinkedBot?

LinkedBot starts snoozing after a few visits, why? What can I do to stop that?

When I click on the purchase button in the Webstore my browser just sits there, and I'm unable to purchase the upgrade. Why is this?

How can I tell whether my automated visits are resulting in connection requests?

My LinkedBot keeps hanging / freezing / stopping when auto-visiting profiles. Can you fix that?

The drop-down menu is unreliable, it's not giving me the option to auto-visit or download my data. Can you fix that?

The drop-down menu is unreliable, it's not giving me the option to auto-visit or download my data. Can you fix that?

LinkedBot is a great 'Do It Yourself' solution. But do you also offer 'Done for You' solutions as well?

LinkedBot generates great data about my new leads. Is there a socially-oriented CRM that you recommend to import this data too so accessing it is easier?

I've noticed that it's very time-consuming to track all of my new leads inside of LinkedIn. Is there an easier way to do this?

Do you offer a service that can send followup emails to my leads? I've noticed that not everyone responds to my LinkedIn messages.

The LinkedBot system is really great, but I'm not really a LinkedIn expert. Can you recommend training that will help me better understand LinkedIn and what I can and should be doing on it?

Do you have any videos demonstrating the key-features of LinkedBot?

LinkedIn is not allowing me to do any more searches since I have reached my 'Commercial Search Limit'. Can I still use LinkedBot?

I have arranged a remote support call, do I need to prepare anything?

How do I cancel my LinkedBot Pro subscription?

Where can I access VAT invoices of my subscription payments?

Can I use my LinkedBot Professional subscription on more than one computer?

The LinkedBot icon has disappeared from the toolbar, how do I get it back?

What is the difference between captured and visited profiles in the LinkedBot menu?

Can I use the LinkedBot Professional for more than one LinkedIn account?

LinkedBot offers a great way to send messages to all of my 1st level connections. But I'd also like to automate sending messages to my new connections only as well after they accept my invitation. Do you offer a way to do that?

I'm really interested in capturing emails from my LinkedBot activity. I think the only way to do this is to export my 1st level connections from LinkedIn. Is that true?

I really don't like my LinkedIn profile. Can you recommends someone who can re-do it for me?

I really don't know how to create a good search on LinkedIn. What can I do?

Video Tutorials

Installing LinkedBot Starter & Pro Editions

How to Send Connection Invites

How to Search & Visit

How to Tag and Search

How to Upgrade to LinkedBot Pro

How to Download Data


What data we do and don't collect

LinkedBot does not collect any personal data of its users. No email address, no names, nothing.
Identification of LinkedBot users is handled by Google’s Identity Servers. No user credentials are kept on our servers.
LinkedBot does not collect any payment information of any kind.
User payments are handled by Google’s Payment Servers.
LinkedBot will collect summaries of LinkedIn Profile Visits to be able to deliver the functionality of the extension.
The profile summaries can by used to deliver future value-added services by LinkedBot.
LinkedBot will store LinkedBot notes and LinkedBot tags as these are added by the users.
All data collected for a user will be erased after the user hasn’t accessed LinkedBot for 1 year, or 1 month after requested by the user via our support channel.
LinkedBot does not collect data from any other website or any other activity.

How to Contact Support or Sales

We can be reached via

If you don't find the answer to your question in our FAQ's, Video Tutorials, Facebook Group, Twitter page or YouTube channel, Please get in touch with us via our support channels below.  If you'd like to order some of our LinkedBot Platinum services shown here, please contact us via the below channels as well.








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